Challenge Coins And How They Can Be Used

27 Nov

A challenge coin is a small coin, or even a medallion that normally bears the emblem or even the sign of a certain and particular organization or even a club which one represents and this coin is really used by the members of that organization and as well they carry that coin when they may have meetings to prove their membership. Challenge coin is thus that coin which is used to identify a person as a member of a certain club or even an organization and as well it may be used as a name tag during the various meetings which may be held by the members of that club or organization. The original purpose of the challenge coin which is dated back in the time of world war was to recognize the outstanding acts of the special forces and as well boost that morale and again build camaraderie. These meant that the special forces during those times had cheap custom challenge coins which were used for identification and once that coin was produced people knew that you belonged to that special forces. Nowadays unlike those old days, the challenge coins are used by all the military, law enforcement, fire department and again rescue units and its main use in these several departments is just for identification. The history of the challenge coins began in the first world war where each and every member of the American flying squad owned a bronze medallion and this was purely for his or her identification and upon his or her escape he or she was recaptured back due to the bronze medallion which was a mark of identification.

Nowadays the challenge coin at normally represents the unity and also the strong ties which do exist between the members of the same military unit and its popularity nowadays includes police and also fire departments, scout troops, church groups, schools, weddings and also colleges. Nowadays the challenge coins are again customized to suit a specific kind of club or even a specific organization. Again challenge coins do have several names where they can be called unit coins, unit challenge coins, commanders coin, honor coins, pride coins or even military unit coins and their naming will normally depend on where they are being used. 

If one thus is willing and ready to promote the unity, morality and also camaraderie within a certain organization, he or she should consider creating a customized challenge coin for each of the members and this can be created at some affordable prices. Look for more facts about challenge coins at

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